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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Raritan is looking to appoint channel partners to push its recently launched power product—Dominion PX. The company already has an existing channel that is selling a range of its products including KVM switches. However, for the Dominion range, the company is looking to have a separate set of partners who specialize in selling power, especially for data centers. 


Since the concept is new, the company is in no hurry to appoint partners and will be holding a series of events across the country to select partners with the desired skill sets. Raritan will be appointing partners in the metro cities, as this technology will witness initial adoption by the large enterprises. 

Talking about the same, Sanjay Motwani, Country Manager, Raritan India and MEA mentioned, “We are seeking partners who have the expertise in selling power and knowledge about IP besides being in the IT domain. The existing channel that we have is already selling Dominion PX, but we are looking to have separate reseller partners who are at the high-end of system integration.” 

He further added that that the company is looking for partners who can explain the impact and energy saving aspects of the product to clients. “Our PDU is IP-based, and hence the company is looking to have partners who understand the technology, IP and the power needs of the data center. They should also be able to promote the energy saving aspect related to these products.” 


Raritan will also be imparting training to the appointed resellers. This will include product training apart from training on marketing the product. 

“We are looking for resellers who can explain the concept, both to the IT people and administration department. Hence we will be imparting the required training that will help them sell the product further,” opined Motwani.  

Dominion PX can help companies determine the actual power usage and capacity in their data centers; monitor rack temperature and humidity’ and power sequence and manage IT equipment from anywhere. The product can be controlled remotely via a web browser or command line interface.