Radius receives only US patent for TCPA compliancy technology

New Update

AMBLER, USA: Radius Global Solutions LLC (Radius) has been issued US patent 8,606,245 for its Cell Manager Product. The patented technology involves Radius's systems and methods for calling cell phones using a transfer agent process.

James J. Eccleston, MD of Radius Global Solutions stated: "Radius was ahead of the market in determining the need for transformational technology that would allow our client to effectively and efficiently communicate with consumers via cell phones in a manner that complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). While compliance is a key component in the delivery of this service, we also demonstrate tangible improvement in contact rates and call resolution. This patent confirms Radius' leadership position in technology-driven consumer communications."

Michael J. Barrist, MD of Radius Global Solutions further stated: "The Radius Cell Manager technology was a key aspect of our decision to partner with Jim and his team. This patent will assure that clients continue to view Radius as the thought leader in the use of technology in order to drive compliance and performance. Additionally, the patent provides notice to the market of Radius's enforceable intellectual property rights."