R&D center for net security solutions

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NEW DELHI: IIT Kanpur has set up the Prabhu Goel Research Center for Computer and Internet Security, which will act as the nodal R&D center in the country, for all aspects of computer security. It will also develop state of the art security tools, algorithms and processes for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The center will undertake product and research oriented projects, to develop security-audit tools, password-less authentication systems, wireless security, steganalysis, etc. The Center has been made possible by a $ one million grant from IIT Kanpur alumnus, Dr. Prabhu Goel, Chairman of iPolicy Networks India Pvt Ltd.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the commissioning of the R&D center, Dr. Goel said that Internet security is vital to India's commercial and defense, infrastructure, and commercial interests. It is no longer practical nor judicious to rely on piece-meal solutions and traditional security point products, which do not interoperate effectively and leave vulnerable gaps open to hackers and intruders. "There is need to focus on unified security solutions that incorporate a more comprehensive approach to security. I think it is critical, from a national perspective to have our own home-grown solutions, to ensure that data network security is not compromised", he added.

iPolicy Networks has been set-up in the Noida Special Economic Zone, to work in the area of network based intrusion prevention using a unified security appliance at optical speeds. The company has set up a development center in Noida, where almost 50 software engineers are working to develop a truly integrated network solution. iPolicy Networks will focus on the information security services market that is estimated to be worth over $ 23 billion by 2006 by IDC).

Elaborating on the R&D center, IIT Kanpur Director, Prof. SG. Dhande said that the vision behind the setting up of the lab was to provide a nodal R&D center in the country for all aspects of computer security and to educate and help various government and non-government organizations on security issues. The center will undertake research, training and consulting activities in the area of computer and Internet security.

The Center, under the overall charge of Prof. Manindra Agarwal will take forward, on-going projects in the area of Cryptology, PickPacket, Intrusion Detection, 802.11b Security, Smart-card Technologies, etc.