Quality Management 2.5.1

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Features: Aspect Software Inc. has announced the launch Aspect Quality

Management 2.5.1, a solution that simplifies the call recording and quality

management process.

The latest release includes a tight integration with Aspect Spectrum ACD. With
this added integration, the quality management and full-time recording solution

is available to all users of the Aspect Signature ACDs, including Aspect

CallCenter ACD.

Aspect Quality Management provides the capabilities for recording, reviewing and
reporting on customer interactions, which can be used to help improve agent

performance and job satisfaction, increase customer satisfaction and revenue

generation, and better manage overall costs, an Aspect statement said.

The new integration with Aspect Spectrum ACD, as well as the existing
integration with Aspect CallCenter ACD, offers significant benefits to contact

centers using the Aspect Software Signature ACDs, including lower cost of

ownership, ease of use, improved partitioning of call access and security, and

more power to find calls of interest quickly. Recording and compression

technologies also make it possible to capture considerably more calls, allowing

contact centers to implement 100 per cent recording.

Overall Aspect Quality Management enables supervisors to evaluate agent
progress, which can impact the customer experience and business operations

beyond the contact center.

Brian Derr, vice president of quality management solutions, Aspect Software,
said, “Being able to configure call recording rules based on existing ACD

definitions and then monitor every segment of a call as it is transferred while

receiving tightly integrated customer feedback when the satisfaction survey is

completed makes it incredibly easy for an organization to single-out exemplary

interactions. It also helps to identify areas for improvement with the agent,

the overall interaction process, and the enterprise as a whole.”

Other key capabilities in this latest release of Aspect Quality Management
include: Trunk Tapping Support, Links to Related Calls and Integrated Windows