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NEW DELHI: Parasoft’s Jtest is a comprehensive Java testing solution for development teams building Java EE, SOA, Web, and other Java applications

Jtest 8.0, has been given the title of InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Award for the second consecutive year. InfoWorld’s annual Technology of the Year Awards identify technologies of the past year that promise to make an impact on enterprise IT strategies. 



Jtest provides ways to apply a comprehensive set of testing techniques, and gives developers a practical way to ensure that their code works as expected, said Parasoft’s website.

Jtest 8.0 introduces testing technologies that help teams automatically verify the functionality of complex, constantly changing enterprise systems, delivering increased customer satisfaction by reducing risks of system downtime and security vulnerabilities. It enables testers find more bugs with their existing resources, thereby increasing productivity while adhering to budget parameters.

Parasoft Jtest is available for Windows 2000 and XP, Linux, and Solaris and comes in professional, architect and server editions. 

Interesting Features of Jtest

  • Automatically finds runtime bugs in execution paths that may cross multiple methods, classes, or packages
  • Checks compliance to configurable sets of over 700 built-in rules, including 100 security rules
  • Corrects violations of 250 rules
  • Allows creation of custom rules by modifying parameters, using a graphical design tool, or providing code that demonstrates a sample rule violation
  • Identifies and refactors duplicate and unused code
  • Supports Struts, Spring, Hibernate, EJBs, JSPs, servlets, and so on
  • Automates the peer code review process (including preparations, notifications, and routing)
  • Tests individual methods, classes, or large, complex applications
  • Generates functional JUnit test cases that capture actual code behavior as a deployed application is exercised
  • Executes the test suite to identify regressions and unexpected side effects
  • Identifies memory leaks during test execution

Some other Parasoft products include Insure++ – a tool that can detect and resolve runtime memory errors, C++test – facilitates automated unit testing and code compliance for C/C++ application development; SOAtest – a tool for web services testing etc. For a complete product listing, visit here.

For more information on Jtest visit here.

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