ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator

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Netgear's new ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator is a solution for

corporate executives to access the corporate network during travel and even

while working from home.

The ProSafe SSL 312 allows secure access while barring outsiders. The product
provides clientless, web-based remote access for up to 25 concurrent users.

Netgear prosafe VPN - the ProSafe SSL312 is more palatable for small and medium

enterprises (SMEs), which can support 25 users at a time and will be available

in India from September.Netgear's ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator

ProSafe SSL312 provides high-performance remote access using the secure sockets

layer (SSL) protocol and transport layer security (TLS) with the 256-bit

advanced encryption standard (AES-256). SSL allows secure servers to

authenticate with SSL-enabled clients, including web browsers, so that an

encrypted connection can be established.

Yogesh Sharma, country manager, Netgear India, said, “Netgear prosafe SSL312
is a high end product which has shown remarkable performance. This helps the

user to connect to corporate network from browser software such as Microsoft

Internet Explorer or Apple Safari. Once it is connected, users can access e-mail

and other office productivity applications. Remote management utilities can also

be accessed securely.”