Position Tracking app for iPhone, iPod unveiled

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CHICAGO, USA: Alfred Labs has announced Backtrack Live 1.0, their live position tracking and recording app for iPhone & iPod touch.


At launch the app displays the user’s location on a world map, and they need only touch Start Tracking Live to have their position periodically recorded and uploaded said a press release.

Users have to touch start Tracking Live to have their position periodically recorded and uploaded. All tracks are stored securely online at the Backtrack Live website where users can review or share their past treks anytime in a web browser added the release.

“Share your roadtrips, bike-rides, and shopping sprees online using Backtrack Live”, said Wilfried Schobeiri, co-founder of Alfred Labs. “You will still have full functionality of your device, because Backtrack Live works in the background.”

Unlike many other tracking apps, Backtrack Live works in the background, allowing simultaneous use of other functions such as music playback or web browsing. The app also includes a Pause function to permit tracking over days or weeks.

Sharing a track is easily done from either the app or the website. In addition to email, the app provides automatic connectivity to most of the social networking site and for those users who are interested in accessing the raw latitude and longitude data, tracks may be downloaded in KML, GPX, or CSV formats.