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JACKSONVILLE, US: XSell LLC, provider of on-demand, cross-sell, loyalty, and retention technology, announced Windstream’s expansion of the XSell FrameworX into its retail stores.


A customer since 2009, Windstream originally deployed the XSell FrameworX into its Charlotte and Cornelia based call centers to increase efficiency, maximize cross sell and up sell opportunities, increase customer retention and enhance the Windstream customer experience overall.

According to Ric Crane, Windstream Chief Marketing Officer, “Once we deployed the XSell platform in our call centers, we began to see a lift in core product sales. These positive results convinced us to extend XSell into our retail stores, where the platform could have an even greater impact on our customer experience strategy.”

Deploying the XSell FrameworX platform in both the call centers and the retail stores helps Windstream execute on a true multi-channel interaction management strategy. Call center representatives and retail store associates are empowered to deliver a better customer experience, as per a press release.


At their fingertips, the company adds, they easily access real-time information about existing customers’ current products, as well as personalized offers for new products or services. The complex decision process that analyzes customer behavior, preferences and ability to buy happens in real time, presenting Windstream representatives with consistent, relevant offers regardless of the interaction channel.

“Within weeks of deploying our software, customers like Windstream see measurable results in sales revenue, customer retention and service efficiency across multiple channels. We are excited about Windstream’s results and we look forward to expanding this successful deployment.”

“XSell gives our associates the ability to delight our customer right at the point of interaction,” Crane says. “With instant access to personalized and prioritized offers, sales tools and a path for following up, Windstream’s associates can deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience from day one.”