Pilvi starts cloud services web store

Sharath Kumar
New Update

FINLAND: The Finnish start-up Pilvi Cloud Company launched today a unique cloud services web store at


The Pilvi Shop offers companies a user-friendly market place for buying and managing cloud services from e.g. Amazon, Google and local cloud service providers. Users receive one invoice including all the services being used and can manage cloud costs and risks efficiently. is a market place for purchasing cloud services like e.g. global or local and scalable server capacity from leading service providers. Users can compare prices and functionalities of different services including Amazon Web Services and Google Apps as well as services offered by local service providers. Companies can buy and manage all the needed IT-solutions at

According to Pilvi's Founder and COO Lassi Virtanen: "Companies are facing severe challenges in buying and managing cloud services transparently and cost-efficiently. is just the kind of market place and platform companies need all over the world. The cloud service costs at as much as buying the service directly from the service provider." is globally a unique cloud services web store offering a new user friendly platform for choosing and evaluating the most suitable service for the large and the small company. Our target is to become the ‘' of cloud services", says Virtanen.