Philips launches cancer detection software

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CHICAGO: Electronics group Philips has announced the launch of a new is launching a new software package in the United States that uses MRI technology to more precisely pinpoint cancer in patients who need to have radiation therapy. The technology will spare more non-cancerous tissue the harmful effects of radiation, Philips, based in the Netherlands, said in a news release.

Philips said the software package, called AcQSim Mr. and used with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, is the first of its kind. It is especially beneficial for patients with prostate, brain, head, neck and spine cancer, and soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities.

"Our studies have shown that the addition of Mr. images has improved our targeting accuracy particularly for tumors in soft tissue like prostate cancer," said Dr. Gary Freedman, a radiation oncologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, a center that worked with Philips on studying the new technology.

"Using MRI for simulation, we are able to design a more precise treatment plan to target the disease and spare more normal tissue," Freedman added. The software package will be available immediately in the United States.

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