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AUSTIN, USA: Advancing its emerging leadership in next-generation data-intensive applications processing and analytics, Pervasive Software Inc., today introduced Pervasive DataMatcher, a highly accurate and lightning-fast high-performance data matching solution.


Pervasive DataMatcher, launched in conjunction with FOSE 2009 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., is designed to help organizations detect fraud, money laundering and corruption as well as enable threat detection and law enforcement applications, compliance monitoring and master data management (MDM).

Organizations of many types suffer huge costs from the combinations of fraud, corruption and non-compliance issues. These organizations regularly need to process staggering amounts of data from multiple data sources that are often inaccurate, inconsistent and contain duplicate records. Pervasive DataMatcher detects data redundancies and correlates records to deliver fast, precise analytic results with rapid ROI.

“The massively parallel-processing horsepower of the Pervasive DataRush data processing engine combined with our matching capabilities forms a powerful solution for translating massive amounts of raw data into actionable intelligence,” said Mike Bryars, general manager, Pervasive DataRush .


“Pervasive DataMatcher provides robust, innovative capabilities valuable to financial, insurance, healthcare, law enforcement and homeland security organizations that want to leverage powerful, next-generation analytics for detecting fraud and corruption, complying with anti-money laundering controls, and security and compliance monitoring,” Bryars added.

The seemingly straightforward task of data matching on large disparate datasets is a daunting challenge for many IT organizations. Even with a fairly small dataset, comparing each record to every other record can generate an overwhelming amount of data. For example, comparing every record of a 100,000-row dataset would involve nearly 5 billion record comparisons.

Pervasive DataMatcher is designed to scale seamlessly on large, complex datasets with the ability to match on any or all fields in a dataset, including fuzzy matching. Pervasive DataMatcher is built on top of the patent-pending Pervasive DataRush processing engine, enabling the solution to crunch through massive datasets quickly and accurately on commodity multicore hardware.


As data volumes continue to explode, organizations struggle to detect patterns and extract meaningful insights. “Data Governance is key to delivering high integrity, relevant data, which forms the foundation for extracting knowledge to drive good business decisions,” said Mark Beyer, Gartner Research VP. “Users increasingly demand access to relevant data that has undergone complete, meaningful, efficient preparation to get to the right answers faster. Effective data matching capabilities is one of the keys to preparing information along with cleansing, parsing, standardization, profiling and others."

Pervasive DataMatcher delivers:

* Fuzzy matching and record linkage

* High-performance response times for large datasets

* Ability to match on any combination of fields in datasets

* Ability to handle multilingual and international character sets with full Unicode support

* Data partitioning to segregate data into like groups for deeper comparison, delivering high scalability and better application performance as more processor core resources are available, using encodings including Soundex, Refined Soundex, Metaphone, Double Metaphone and sub-string

* Fields comparisons using matching algorithms including Levenshtein Edit Distance, Jaro, Jaro-Winkler, Jaro-Hef, Damerau-Levenshtein, Q-gram, Positional Q-gram, prefix, suffix and exact match.