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FREMONT, USA: Penguin Computing, high performance computing solution provider has announced the availability of its new Disk2Server data management solution for Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) customers.


Disk2Server allows the sending of disk drives directly to and from a user managed storage server in the cloud which provides data management and protection capabilities that greatly enhance both HPC cloud workflow and security.

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According to the release, Disk2Server controls how critical data is moved on and off the HPC cloud resource. Using a combination storage/login server, a POD user can manage up to 96 TB of local data. User’s data is stored directly on their storage/login server instead of shared network storage, providing the convenience of having immediate access to the data plus the security of data that is completely contained within a user controlled server.


“Penguin Computing's Disk2Server solution allows us to easily ship terabytes of data from our collection vehicles deployed across the world directly to the POD facility for processing with very minimal downtime,” said John Ristevski, Founder, CTO and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Earthmine.

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Physical disks can be shipped to the POD data centers from anywhere in the world. Once at the data center, the disks are installed into the user’s server, giving the user immediate access to large volumes of data without the delays of copying data or streaming over the Internet.


Users have the control and convenience while still enjoying the flexibility of an on-demand Linux cluster infrastructure optimized for HPC workloads.

“Penguin continues to respond to the growing needs of our POD customers and our new Disk2Server offering is just the latest example of how Penguin is focusing on enhancing HPC cloud workflow and data security,” said Tom Coull, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Software and Services at Penguin Computing.

He added, The ability to move terabytes of data with user-controlled encryption to and from a user-managed storage server gives POD users a new level of convenience and confidence.