Patton announces element management system for SmartNode VoIP CPE

New Update

GAITHERSBURG, USA: Patton -together with Inalp Networks AG- announces today the new Patton Element Management System (Patton EMS or PEMS) for SmartNode VoIP Media Gateways and other VoIP customer premise equipment (CPE).


Patton has partnered with German network-management software developer Axiros to bring the EMS solution to market.

Patton's EMS solution provides touch-less configuration and turn-up for SmartNode and third-party VoIP CPE, employing Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) functionality as specified by the carrier standard TR069.

PEMS is a centralized fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) management tool that offers Telecom network operators easier installation and provisioning of SmartNode and third-party VoIP CPE.


The PEMS system is designed to integrate smoothly with existing carrier network-management tools, processes and workflows.

Patton makes it easy for customers to move forward with the Patton Element Management System by bundling five days of on-site installation and customization support with each element management system purchased.

Patton offers a free on-demand webinar providing more details about the Patton Element Management System.