Panicking over Covid-19? Stay calm, listen to Dilbert!

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Most people in the world know Scott Adams as the creator of the popular cartoon strip Dilbert that lays bare corporate life with stark brutality. But few outside the US know that he’s a top political analyst—probably the only one who not only foretold but explained the rise and rule of US President Donald Trump in minute detail. An author of many books, Adams believes that a Golden Age of mankind is upon us.

Adams is no stranger to technology. He talks a great deal about the simulation theory which states that we all may well be living in a matrix type world. He conjectured that the current Covid-19 crisis may be a global upgrade to that “matrix”! Adams discusses regularly the Singularity where man and Artificial Intelligence may become one eventually. He hopes to live forever if that happens in his lifetime. He is a co-founder of the WhenHub interface through which you can “Call a Video Advisor for advice on any topic” with its very own cryptocurrency.

Adams is very optimistic about the future of technology in the post-Covid-19 era and many new solutions coming out thanks to it. You have to take him seriously because he was one of the first prominent voices to push for everyone to wear masks, practice social distancing and at least consider Hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment.

In his latest podcasts, Adams says the biggest industry of the future, the one with the most dollar amount, will be online education. Colleges will eventually have to disappear because they don’t really make sense for the price. Contact tracing is going to be a thing (Identifying people who have been in contact with infected people. Apple and Google are taking the lead.) The pandemic might end movies as a business and just move it to your house and phone. Then there’s his take on self-driving cars becoming popular because the traffic accident death rate has gone down during the lockdown…

In an earlier podcast he praised Zoom to the sky and said how good it was before adding the problem: It’s an American company, but much your most of their engineering and even one of their data centres is in China. He was one of the earliest big voices to mention security concerns and that particular aspect went viral later on.

He has an interesting and busy Twitter timeline too.

On how Artificial Intelligence should be dumber…

How you should Skype from home…

The Apple founder never ceases to inspire.

On Amazon’s Alexa.

A thread on helpful links and apps.

Dilbert has also caught up on the latest tech trends and here’s one on blockchain…

Talking of Dilbert characters, only Adams could come out with something positive out of the crisis saying that they all have the characters wearing masks and it’s saving him a lot of time because the hardest thing to draw is the noses. Overall he says in his podcast that we’ve never had a time in our history where so many of us took a time out and just stopped working and sort of had time to think about things. Almost everybody had to rethink from the ground up everything they do.

To sum it up, if you want clarity, analysis and hope in the time of the current crisis, you simply have to listen to his daily podcasts where he shares a virtual simultaneous sip of coffee with all his live listeners every morning on his Twitter periscope before he begins doling out wisdom.

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