P-IV to support multiple memory formats

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Intel is readying a next-generation Pentium IV processor that will hit the

market later this year as a part of the company’s effort to compete more

effectively with Advanced Micro Devices. Reportedly, the chipmaker is designing

a P-IV chip set that will work with various types of new solid-state memories.

The new chipset would end Intel’s exclusive support for the Rambus RDRAM

memory technology.

The Intel announcement sent Rambus' stock diving $11.25 (13 percent) to

$73.75. "Over time, we plan to produce another chipset along with Pentium

IV that will allow additional platforms to help give our customers more choice

in pricing," said Intel spokesman Michael Sullivan.

Rambus vice president — worldwide marketing, Avo Kanadjian said his company

still is the principal memory design provider for Intel's chipsets. "We

have always known that Intel continuously evaluates the performance of various

types of memory and considers the availability of each one," said Kanadjian.

He added that as the market price of RDRAMs declines, the market for the memory

is likely to grow faster and broader.