LTI Success Story: Over 55% Energy Savings with 75F

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Remote Manageability, Energy Savings and Operational Efficiency at India’s 4th Largest It Company

LTI (Larsen & Toubro Infotech) is a global IT services company headquartered in Mumbai and is ranked 4th among Indian companies in 2018. With a revenue of over $1 Bn and over 25,000 employees, it is no surprise that they showcased the same level of commitment towards sustainable technology, seeking to provide the best working environment for employees across their facilities.

The challenges, facing the facility team at LTI Bengaluru:

a) lack of automation for the HVAC & Lighting system leading to hotspots & coldspots and a high number of employee complaints, which the FM team spent most of their time responding to.

b) energy wastage and high energy bills.


Due to the lack of automation, the facilities team at LTI Bengaluru was faced with hot/cold spots, inefficient lighting and a high number of complaints from employees. Hot/cold spots and fluctuations in temperature and lighting can affect the occupant experience to a great extent. A study conducted by IIM Ahmedabad shows that employee productivity could be enhanced by up to 12% by improving thermal comfort at the workplace! The study also recommends that companies use eco-friendly measures for cooling solutions.

75F’s intelligent and proactive solutions ensure you give back to the earth by saving up to 50% of energy while ensuring perfect temperatures and lighting to improve employee comfort and productivity. With intelligent sensors that can measure everything from temperature, lux levels, CO2 levels, VOC’s and humidity, the solution ensures that your building works for you.


When LTI Bengaluru’s Facility Lead, Mr. Kishore Kumar was introduced to 75F India by a partner, he says he was ‘floored’ by the technology. During its site survey, 75F noted an opportunity to save substantial amounts of energy via predictive, proactive automation of LTI’s HVAC & Lighting systems thereby bringing in operational efficiency and remote visibility


Location – LTI, Whitefield Bangalore       

ProjectEnergy Management + Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing + Advanced Lighting Solution
Square Footage128000
Installed Units12 Nos. AHU with VFD Common Chiller Plant for 4 Buildings
Previous ConditionsAHU VFD running at 50 Hz with no modulation Chilled Water Actuator was manually modulated No BMS or VAVs No automation for lighting

After a successful pilot at LTI, 75F installed Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing Solution, Energy Management System and Advanced Lighting Solution at LTI. Facilisight, 75F’s suite of web and mobile apps, that facilitates easy monitoring and control with predictive proactive automation was also included.

Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing Solution: 75F deployed an end-to-end solution for LTI’s chilled water system to maintain comfort while using less chilled water and saving more energy. 75F sensors in each zone directly communicate with the Central Control Unit (CCU) – giving LTI’s FM team the ability to monitor the inlet and outlet temperatures, chilled water flow rates and BTU energy consumption across the line.

Energy Management System: 75F sensors across workstations provide an overview of the real-time temperatures on the floor. 75F’s system automatically modulates the VFD based on inputs from these sensors, the set-point temperature and the cooling demand in order to maintain optimal comfort at all times while saving energy.

Advanced Lighting Solution: 75F’s Advanced Lighting system considers many factors about the building such as weather forecasts and location of the building along with real-time factors such as occupancy, scheduling, user preferences, etc. before determining the ideal time to adjust the lighting gradually.

75F Facilisight: Facilisight provides the facility team at LTI multi-site visibility and insights into HVAC and Lighting energy consumption. Besides automatically monitoring, managing and controlling these systems proactively, 75F also provides the FM power to control their buildings at a click.


The 75F solution at LTI delivers over 55% savings on HVAC and lighting energy bills each month. Thanks to the automation of the entire HVAC and Lighting system at LTI, the facility team has also noticed a marked improvement in their operational efficiencies; reducing the time spent on responding to employee complaints and improving the team’s productivity.

Facilisight provides insights and visibility into the HVAC and Lighting energy consumption at LTI

Facilisight provides insights and visibility into the HVAC and Lighting energy consumption at LTI

Facilisight has provided the team with greater insight and control over the HVAC system in the facility. They are now able to monitor and control energy usage in real-time remotely. At the same time, the employees at LTI are happier too.

The FM team gains visibility and control over their facilities remotely.

The FM team gains visibility and control over their facilities remotely.

The building is being conditioned without human intervention thanks to the predictive power of 75F proprietary algorithms. The number of complaints logged in about uncomfortable temperatures has gone down considerably. The delighted FM team at LTI plans to continue working with 75F for a series of roll-outs, starting with their Chennai office.

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