Outlook 2009: Information Security

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BANGALORE, INDIA:  In this series of year-end specials on technology, we present the outlook for 2009 for information, network and data security.


Outlook 2009: Security trends to watch

Presenting a list of security trends to watch out for in 2009, courtesy, Symantec.

Outlook 2009: Top 10 trends in security

Presenting the top 10 security trends to watch out for in 2009!, from Aujas.

Top 10 trends in Information Security for 2009

Advances in security technology simply have not kept pace with the Internet's growth. Security is getting better, but complexity is getting worse faster. It is expected that this trend will continue in 2009 as well, says SafeNet.


Top 10 spyware/malware threats

The report, compiled from monthly scans performed by Sunbelt's antispyware tool announces the top ten most prevalent spyware and malware threats.

Websense's threat outlook for 2009

Here are the six threat preditions for year 2009 from Websense.

Online healthcare in India: VeriSign

The ultimate goal of every healthcare provider is to provide quality patient care so the systems that manage patient records and other sensitive information must be kept secure.

12 scams of Christmas

This Christmas, please find attached McAfee's Do's and Don'ts of online shopping!

Top Internet security trends of 2008

Presenting the top Internet security trends of 2008, courtesy, Symantec.