Oracle's chip endeavor to shine with Sun

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NEW YORK, USA: After finishing the Sun Microsystems buy, Oracle has said that it would invest in Sun's SPARC/Solaris server and storage hardware, making them the foundation upon which to build the company's tightly integrated technology stacks, while outline their roadmap for Sun products.


A report appeared on BNET Industries, citing Oracle officials, said that Oracle had plans for the next four generations of UltraSPARC processors. The officials said the company would invest in enhancing Solaris and will grow Sun's T and M Series server lines.

Oracle president Charles Phillips and executive vice president of hardware engineering and a former Sun executive John Fowler said that servers and storage devices acquired from Sun would form a foundation of Oracle's plans to offers businesses a more tightly integrated and highly optimized set of solutions aimed at improving the performance of their applications, the report said.

The Oracle's acquisition of Sun was possible only after the concerns around competitions in database industry was addressed by Oracle, which would attain dominance in the database industry by getting Sun's MySQL into its fold. European regulators approved the deal earlier in January after a five-month review around antitrust concerns.


Oracle Corp chief executive Larry Ellison said that the combined company would be able to produce everything that businesses use in their data centers, from semiconductors and operating systems to computer servers, databases and accounting software.

Ellison promised on Wednesday to shake up the technology industry with his purchase of Sun Microsystems Inc, a deal that enables the the world's No. 3 software maker to enter the hardware business.