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MANNHEIM, GERMANY: Mikogo has officially announced the availability of its latest version, Mikogo Beta for Mac computers, providing an online meeting solution to Mac users around the world.


Software tool is set to spark enthusiasm within the Mac community as well as the current Mikogo PC users, as the new Mikogo Beta provides a simple cross-platform solution to desktop sharing at no cost.

Ideal for online meetings, Web presentations, webinars and more, the Beta version provides Mac users with a quick solution to start a meeting and invite both PC and other Mac users to view their screen in real-time over the Web. Mikogo's cross-platform functionality also enables both Mac and PC users to join and view an online meeting which was started by a PC organizer.

Once a meeting has started and participants are viewing the organizer's screen, users of the new version can enjoy the following features:


* Screen sharing with up to 10 participants

* Switch presenter

* Participant pointer

* Pause of transmission

* Copy/paste/email meeting info

* Voice conferencing service

* Instant screen build-up

“Mikogo has already appealed greatly to the Web and business community thanks to it's ease of use and free offering for both commercial and private use,” explains Mark Zondler, Co-Founder of Mikogo. “Now with its cross-platform functionality, we wish to serve the ever-growing Mac community by providing a simple, fast and effective solution to online meetings and Web presentations.”

With the new Beta version only just out the door, Mikogo doesn't intend to wait long before empowering Mac users with even greater free desktop sharing.

“The release of this Beta version is just the first step of many to come for our Mac users. We look forward to reshaping and strengthening cross-platform desktop sharing by equipping a growing Mikogo Mac user base with further innovative features soon to be released,” Zondler added.

In light of current economic times, the current Beta version is expected to appeal to the greater global corporate audience, with its cost free solution for meetings and presentations via the Web, as an alternative to costly business travel.