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Based out of Hyderabad, this start up Learnsocial is an upcoming company which helps aspiring learners in this endeavour

Sanghamitra Kar
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BANGALORE, INDIA: Educating yourself is a never ending process and the more you do the more you benefit yourself. Based out of Hyderabad, this start up Learnsocial is an upcoming company which helps aspiring learners in this endeavour and brings  a range of diversity in learning options.


Raju Vanapala, founder and CEO, Learnsocial, said, "It is a marketplace where we partner with instructors, professors and also we find people who are interested in learning new things and finding new interests. The intent is to become a learning place for aspiring learners. We bring them together and try to provide quality content which we validate before hand by qualified instructors and then take it up after we take in multiple feed backs and provide a curated market place."

The platform gives multiple choices like live, instructor facing course, live tutoring or recorded course. Being a horizontal player, this platform is open to everyone from all walks of life.

Right now the base has almost 80 percent of professionals mainly from IT and Digital Media and 20 percent students. Having a global user base of 4 lakh , this start up has constantly been growing from its launch in the online education arena.


"Understanding the learning space and the requirements is crucial. So that has taken quite a lot of efforts and experience.The intent of the user and their requirements is significant. There has been more failures than successes in this arena but nothing has really boomed," said the founder.

The company aims to focus on the emerging markets as these emerging markets have immense potential which is still untapped. So positioning here and growing as a player in this arena is a strong opportunity.

"The intent right now is to focus on Indian market and then move on to South East Asia market. Accent is one of the hassle in this space and although India has strong potential, persistence of this problem is a major roadblock in this region. But,this same problem does not arise in other emerging markets so its easier to develop the base in other regions. Adoption levels are easier in South East Asian markets."

The platform is cost effective which helps to gain attention for the US and UK citizens as these courses are available at half the prices. New skills are always welcomed for which people have an inclination to learn. This helps to create the buzz and increase the traffic.

Starting from Rs.500, there is a wide variety of courses available till Rs. 25,000. The company is also bringing a mobile app soon for the convenience of the users.

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