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While Yogesh is taking forward an in-house IT horsepower to higher tracks, he is also adding expert torque in new areas like BI as well, steering the group’s mega consolidation and expansion.
CyberMedia News checks out his speedometer and his milestones, old and new.

How strong is your in-house IT muscle?

We have a very strong system and have done many things in-house. We haven’t outsourced anything so far be it virtualizations or MS platforms.

Last year, we deployed all MS platforms to more mature versions as well as the migration from Lotus Notes to MS exchange. The entire migration and upgradation was handled in-house.

Where is the group going on the IT direction?


We plan to have the Kalyani group on a single IT infrastructure and a common data centre. We would expand our IT team as the group expands into domains like SEZ, construction etc.

Your industry has of late been mired in issues like price volatility, raw material issues and steel supplies. Has IT been resourceful anywhere with such macro issues?

Yes, it has been useful be it constant monitoring of fuel, or raw material tracking. In fact, the management has been very demanding of up-to-date information in the recent days. Providing that with standard ERP is a challenge. That’s why we have gone for expansion of BI (Business Intelligence).


Can you share your considerations for the new BI investments you have made?

We have been early users of SAP and have been using it for last five years. We are stable now. But we are consolidating the IT slowly and the present challenge was to generate IT reports and merge them to present them properly to the management. Therefore we started evaluating some products and went for a BI investment.

Why did you choose MAIA for your BI requirements instead of other big suites?

We did evaluate other options but the maturity and the culture to use these tools is different. As to why not SAS or BO, we thought let’s not be relevant to the kind of users we want to address right now. The other players are about the analytical aspect of BI while most of the users presently need simple reports which can be easily done and they are able to see the data vertically, dynamically well.

Of course, after some time we will go for the big tools but for that too even some part of that requirement can be added through MAIA so we won’t need them soon.