Ola Scooter: Price, Key features, Pre-booking, Competitors and the FutureFactory

While you think of booking your Ola Scooter, here's a run-up guide on the price, key features, pre-booking, competitors of the Ola Scooter.

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Ola Scooter: Price, Key features, Pre-booking, Competitors and the FutureFactory

Ola Electric has kicked off India’s EV revolution by opening up reservations for its much-awaited and highly anticipated electric scooter. The pre-booking has begun on the official website of Ola Electric and consumers can reserve their Ola Scooter for a refundable INR 499. Thus, those who reserve now will get priority delivery. While you think of booking your Ola Scooter, here's a run-up guide on its price, key features, pre-booking, competitors.


What is the cost of the Ola scooter?

The company is yet to disclose the pricing and specifications of its e-scooter. But reports suggest that the aggressively priced product may range in the lower 80k-1 Lakh. Key features of the Ola Electric Scooter include world-class-leading speed, unprecedented range, the biggest boot space, and advanced technology that make it the best scooter customers can buy.

A leak report further suggested that the Ola Scooter will come in matte black (we know this from pictures), pink, and light blue shades. It will also have a large digital instrument console that will display vital information like battery charge, range, time, etc. The leak also suggests that the e-scooter will use a 6 kW electric motor and a swappable battery. It is expected to offer a maximum range of 240 km. The scooter will accelerate from 0-45 km/h in 3.9 seconds. For reference, your Activa 5G takes 5-6 seconds to accelerate from 0-45 km/h.


Some alternates to the Ola Electric Scooter include Suzuki Burgman electric bike; Yamaha’s probable electric scooter; TVS iQube; Ather 450X.

How to Pre-Book Ola Scooter?

Ola announced that its electric scooter received one lakh reservations in the first 24 hours, making it the most pre-booked scooter in the world. The company started its pre-bookings on July 15. Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman, and Group CEO, Ola said, “The unprecedented demand is a clear indicator of shifting consumer preferences to EVs. This is a huge step forward in our mission to transition the world to sustainable mobility. I thank all the consumers who have booked the Ola Scooter and have joined the EV revolution. This is only the beginning!”


One can book the scooter for a refundable amount of INR 499. To book Ola electric scooter, you need to visit the Ola website. On the left corner of the site, you will find a tab that states “Reserve for Rs 499”. Click on it. Further, enter your mobile number on the new page, fill in the captcha, and wait for the OTP.

Fill in the OTP. The next tab will redirect you to the order page. Submit your details and move onto the payments page. Complete the payment. After this, the final screen will confirm your booking. It will state, “Congrats, you are now part of the revolution. Sit back and relax, we’ll keep you informed on what’s next”.

If you wish not to buy the scooter at a later point, you can also cancel the booking.


About Ola FutureFactory

Ola is building its FutureFactory on Industry 4.0 principles. Ola will use its own proprietary AI Engine and tech stack to deeply integrate into all its systems. The company aims the system to continuously self-learn and optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process. This will provide unprecedented control, automation, and quality to the entire operations; especially with Ola’s implementation of cyber-physical and advanced IoE systems.

The factory has an initial annual capacity of 2 million units. Thus, Ola’s FutureFactory will create 10,000 jobs and serve as the company’s global manufacturing hub for India and international markets across Europe, the UK, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand. The mega-factory is also expected to be the country’s most automated, with about 5,000 robots and automated guided vehicles in use once the factory is fully operational to its full capacity.

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