Ola and ABB partner to use robots to make electric scooters in India

In a recent release, the leading mobility startup Ola has announced its partnership with ABB Robots for its mega-factory in India.

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In a recent release, the leading mobility startup Ola has announced its partnership with ABB Robots. The former will use robotics and automation solutions for its mega-factory in India to produce its electric scooter. Ola’s scooter mega-factory (one of the world’s largest scooter factory) will commence operations in the coming months. According to the company, Ola will utilise ABB’s automation solutions for key manufacturing process lines, including its painting and welding lines. Further, it will deploy ABB robots extensively for the battery and motor assembly lines.


Also, the company will digitally integrate all the ABB robots into its mega-factory. The aim is to optimize robot performance, productivity and product quality. The use of ABB’s robots and automation solutions will ensure remote digital connectivity. It will also help monitor the robots that will ride on the AI engine and tech stack.

From the leaders

Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and Group CEO, Ola announced the big partnership. He stated that ABB joins Ola as a key supplier and partner for robotics and automation solutions; that it will deploy at the scooter mega-factory. “ABB’s solutions will be riding on Ola’s own proprietary AI engine and tech stack embedded in our scooter mega-factory. We are bringing in global expertise and stitching up partnerships that will help us build out our factory in record speed. We will roll out the first of our electric scooters in the coming months,” he further added.


Sanjeev Sharma, MD, ABB India and South Asia, finds ABB privileged as an end to end partner of OLA Electric and “to contribute to the EV vision of this path-breaking company and our nation.” He also adds, “ABB’s sustainable robotics automation solutions will complement the vision to build this mega factory to further the EV journey of our country. Our integrated automation package with digital connectivity, riding on OLA’s AI platform will be instrumental in the roll-out of these world-class scooters for India and the rest of the world. Increased automation and robotics to make shop-floors safer, more productive and also of impeccable quality will fast-track India’s transition to one of the leading agile, self-reliant and high-tech manufacturing economies of the world.”

About the Ola Mega factory in India

Ola is building its mega-factory on Industry 4.0 principles. Ola will use its own proprietary AI Engine and tech stack to deeply integrate into all its systems. The company aims the system to continuously self-learn and optimise every aspect of the manufacturing process. This will provide unprecedented control, automation and quality to the entire operations; especially with Ola’s implementation of cyber-physical and advanced IoE systems.

The factory has an initial annual capacity of 2 million units. Thus, Ola’s mega-factory will create 10,000 jobs and serve as the company’s global manufacturing hub for both India and international markets across Europe, UK, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. The mega-factory is also expected to be the country’s most automated, with about 5,000 robots and automated guided vehicles in use once the factory is fully operational to its full capacity.

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