Now you can download Burgers or Spaghetti via Net and eat them too!

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Start-up and scientific fraternity has finally cracked the code of transporting food!

USA: The wait is over!

There is finally a wave of relief for all of those tech-atheists who kept their feet firmly planted and refused to believe in the power of technology unless it did something really useful, or miraculous, or both.

For you folks, it was clearly not enough that man has conquered space; that your TV can talk to your microwave; that you can be sitting on a beach and still having a face-chat with your friend miles away etc. Not even Google’s balloons, glasses or maps could clinch that stubborn ‘yes’ from you.


But looks like a very avid and savvy venture capitalist belongs to your creed and he has been putting his money where his whims are. This 45-year connoisseur of smart ideas has been investing in a RFID-3D printing-integration app start-up for last two years.

The pilots have been underway fiercely this month and initial indications show that yes, man would indeed be able to download food right on to a plate, with next-generation network connectivity configured ingeniously with laser waves. This technology leverages the so-far latent possibilities of additive manufacturing combined with advanced CAD and DDM capabilities.

The first phase of experiments was limited to simple food categories. The latest pilot tested the download of a complicated burger and it came out on the plate as complete and delicious (with the sauce and smell intact), as possible, the results have corroborated.

The team of digital prototype makers has been struggling with the part of sensory framing of food and though there is still a long road to cover there, it seems that at least the burger won’t smell like a sock.

We won’t be able to disclose the name of the firm for a few days, for confidentiality reasons. But watch this space for more updates, and who knows, may be a punch-me-down burger soon!

(And if you read this far, Gotcha! With that my friend, wish you a happy 1st April, be alert/have a prank-ful day!)

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