Now play your favourite game ‘Solitaire’ on Android and iOS also

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CIOL Now play your favourite game ‘Solitaire’ on Android and iOS also

Good news for all the Solitaire addicts! After being faithful to Windows for nearly 25 years, Microsoft is finally bringing the Solitaire game to both iOS and Android platforms.


Microsoft Solitaire Collection, one of the most popular games which is very famous especially among procrastinators, is now available for free and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. The mobile version of the app comes with five different game modes including Klondike, Tripeaks, and Pyramid.

It also includes FreeCell, Spider which used to be traditionally bundled with Windows computers in the past.

If you can afford $1.99 every month, the premium version of the game will remove ads on the app and unlock other features like double coin rewards for daily challenges and game boosts.


To celebrate the worldwide release of its mobile game, the premium version is free for a month on Android. This special offer ends on December 31.

Moreover, Microsoft has also integrated Xbox Live to the game that will help you to track your progress and also save it in the cloud. Basically, you can continue playing on any other device with Windows 10, Android or iOS and share your Xbox Live achievements with your friends and family.

As a matter of fact, there are several solitaire games already available on mobile platforms for many years now. However, the loyal followers- 119 million, to be precise is what makes it "world’s number 1 Solitaire game”

Confession: I am also one of those 119 million users who used to play only Solitaire games on PC.

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