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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Data recovery solution provider, Stellar Information System Ltd has rolled out Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery for Windows Server v1.0.


New tool from Stellar enables to reset the lost or forgotten password of Windows Server based computer, which is configured as a domain controller.

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Available in the form of a boot CD, the utility need not to installed on the system said a press release.


“It is a common scenario when an end-user loses his password for various reasons. Our offering allows easy recovery of various kinds of passwords,” informed Manoj Dhingra, director, Domestic Business, Stellar Information Systems.

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Dhingra added, Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery for Windows Server v1.0 can reset Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server and 2008 Server passwords and is fully capable of resetting password of servers acting as Domain Controllers.

New tool comes with a downloadable ISO image, which is can be burnt into a bootable CD to offer quick and easy recovery. Along with resetting lost or forgotten Windows account password (s) to blank, it also recovers lost account login details of different websites accessed in Web Browsers.

Another feature is the read-only utility that never hampers the integrity of the server settings and data stored added the release.