Now android apps will run in the background in Chrome OS

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It's been a while now that Google has been running Android apps on Chromebook. But these applications do not work in the background. Thankfully, Google will soon fix this. According to 9to5Google, with an upcoming update to Chrome OS, Android apps should be able to run smoothly in the background.


The feature first spotted by Chrome Unboxed is called Android Parallel Tasks, within Chrome OS 64, which is currently only available on Google’s beta channel. The new feature allows you to watch a video in a mobile app while you're surfing the web, or take a break from a mobile game without jarring transitions.

It works differently on a PC OS, from which you might quickly switch from app to app in the taskbar. Obviously, there needed to be a better solution. To turn the feature on, simply go into your Chromebook’s settings, so long as you’re running Chrome OS version 64 beta or higher, and go into the Play Store settings to turn this feature on. Once you do this, you’ll be able to run Chrome OS and Android apps alongside one another, with none of them stopping.

Chrome OS 64 is still in the beta phase right now, but it is expected to move over to the stable channel soon.

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