Now an Android app to convert 2D photos to 3D

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HONG KONG: Joy Aether has announced the availability of official version of "D33P for Android" (pronounced "deep") into the Android Market.


With the new app, Android users can transforms 2D photos into 3D, and displays them as 3D on 3D Android phones, said a press release.

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"3D technologies has become mainstream in the past two years, and we see the proliferation of 3D capabilities in mobile devices too", said Leo Lau, Joy Aether Founder and CEO.


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"However, true value of 3D experience by customers depends on the amount of 3D contents that are available. Over 99 per cent of consumers' digital photo collections are still in traditional 2D formats. With the D33P app, based on our 'D33P engine', we unlock that 99 per cent of content, transform them into 3D, and create the 3D experience on 3D mobile devices."

The release further added that, using D33P, a user can transform those Facebook photos into 3D, which means a user could expand the number of 3D photos drastically, even for photos that they had taken 5 years ago.