Nominum to secure networks with Vantio ThreatAvert

Soma Tah
New Update

REDWOOD CITY, USA: Nominum, the provider of integrated subscriber, network, and security solutions for service providers, announces the launch of Vantio ThreatAvert, to avert threats in fixed and mobile networks.


A key element of this new product is the Nominum Global Intelligence Xchange (GIX), which provides a foundational security layer with continuous real-time threat updates. This combination delivers far greater security than a DNS firewall by neutralizing threats that originate from within the network itself.

Service providers have seen huge growth in attacks originated inside their networks. These attacks take two forms - Inside/In, where attacks are launched inside the network on internal resources such as routers, DNS servers, gateways and mobile EPC (evolved packet core) resources, and Inside/Out, also launched inside the network, but against external resources such as websites, network assets, enterprises and other end-users.

Network security architecture is predominantly focused on defending networks against external threats. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated network security needs to evolve to match emerging threats. By addressing attacks planted inside the network service providers will be able to maintain network integrity and ensure an optimal level of performance for the end user.


Vantio ThreatAvert leverages Nominum's precision policy capabilities that can segment, identify and enforce policies by users or traffic types. It provides a level of policy granularity and is capable of throttling attacks with configurable rate limiting capabilities.

Leveraging these unique features, Vantio ThreatAvert proactively stops attacks before they start and does preventative throttling of new attacks to instantly curtail their impact.

The GIX network shares information on malicious domains and URLs amongst carriers to provide an early warning system and offer better protection globally. Together, Vantio ThreatAvert and GIX protect both internal and external networks from malicious traffic.

Simple to deploy and lightweight, Vantio ThreatAvert is built on Vantio CacheServe DNS software with a proven track record of detecting and preventing bots and bot-related activity. It defends against multiple attacks including botnet related activities, malware exploits, DNS amplification, DoS / DDoS, and outbound spam.

Vantio ThreatAvert will be available as software and as an appliance in the first quarter of 2014.