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BANGALORE: Microsoft Corp. has no plans to launch its own PC. 20 years after they brought out their own brand of peripherals for the PC, the mice and the keyboard, the world's largest software maker has categorically denied any plans to come out with a desktop of its own.

"We are continuously striving towards enhancing the PC experience for the user but will never come out with a PC of our own," stated Yolanda Chan, regional sales director, home and entertainment division, Asia Pacific region, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited.

The company has virtually changed the way the PC is used with its software. The same goes for the laptop, handheld and the Tablet PC. Infact, they are the first OS maker for the revolutionary Tablet PCs, which recognizes handwriting. "We are committed towards our OEM partners and will work along with them to roll out computing rich hardware," added Yolanda.

Microsoft will also be rolling out its networking product in the Asia Pacific region, including India by the first half of 2004. But, they are not sure as to when they would launch their popular gaming console the Xbox, in the country. However, they are quite bullish about the Indian gaming market.