NIIT launches development centers in Malaysia

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p>NEW DELHI: NIIT has launched its regional multimedia software

development center in Malaysia’s Silicon Corridor Cyberjaya. The opening of

the center comes in the wake of NIIT shifting its Asia Pacific headquarters to

Cyberjaya, which will oversee the multimedia center's operations. With this NIIT

earns the distinction of being the first Indian firm to set up its headquarters

in this zone.


NIIT's chairman, Rajendra S Pawar said, "NIIT's move into

Cyberjaya is committed to create skilled IT professionals in Malaysia by

partnering with 15 local entrepreneurs. In Malaysia we offer relevant IT

education under three distinct brands - Futurz, CATS and SWIFT- catering to the

needs of career seekers, IT professionals and end- users respectively."

NIIT's regional multimedia software center is equipped with state-of-the-art

facilities and intends to increase this to a 500-person in the next few years.

NIIT will continue its focus on large customer projects in both the government

and corporate sectors throughout the region.

NIIT has developed multimedia-based courseware for Malaysia's first Virtual

University, University Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR), which enables thousands of

students studying at UNITAR, to utilize multimedia content developed by NIIT as

the primary study material for their Bachelor's degree in IT and Management.

NIIT and UNITAR signed an MoU in 2000, to allow NIIT students, who have

completed two years of study at the institute and desire a degree path to secure

automatic transfers to UNITAR's degree programs with an advanced standing


Besides its 15 training centers in Malaysia, NIIT is also involved in a

prestigious $7 million-order to develop multimedia learning software for the

Malaysian Smart Schools project, which is one of the seven flagship applications

of the MSC. This order makes NIIT the leading creator of educational multimedia

software in the Smart Schools project in Malaysia.