NICC makes major advancements for UK’s telecom services and communications

New Update

LONDON, UK: The UK's technical forum for communications interoperability, NICC, last month brought together the industry's leaders for the NICC Open Forum. With platform innovation, next generation access, demand attentive networks, nuisance calls and cyber security high on the agenda, the annual conference addressed the evolution of the UK's telecoms network infrastructure and future innovations.


NICC Chairman, Sir John O'Reilly, welcomed delegates while Paul Rosbotham, NICC director and TSG chairman began proceedings with an overview of NICC activities. This incorporated a review of the standards published and delivered in 2013, and a glimpse at the work planned for 2014, including exchange-based VDSL2, vectoring use cases, DSM techniques, corporate signalling interfaces, PBXs, nuisance call tracing, and emergency services over IP.

Sir John O'Reilly, NICC chairman, said: "It is an exciting time within the industry and with our agenda and the calibre of our speakers, 2013's Open Forum reflected the evolving marketplace. In the past twelve months we have made steady progress in key areas including basic voice architecture, VDSL2 test plans, and signalling amongst others, however the discussion is now very much on developing these and creating standards to enable end-to-end new and existing telecoms services to operate successfully."

The morning session comprised of the UK's top telecom innovators, including George Williamson, chief engineer and director, Access Network Strategy, Openreach, who provided the keynote speech on platform innovation waves and Internet access, while drawing out key lessons for NICC. Trevor Linney, head of Access Network Research, BT, spoke about the evolution of next generation access, highlighting its benefits, possible future architectures and how NICC efforts support its development.

Gavin Young, head of Fixed Access Competence Centre at Vodafone and a member of the IET Communications Policy Panel, gave the IET Panel's thoughts on demand attentive networks for improved quality of experience over network infrastructure, while Neil Cook, CTO of conference sponsor and member, Cloudmark, shared his insight on nuisance calls and nuisance SMS.