News Republic and Appy Geek launches in India

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Pradeep Chakraborty
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NEW DELHI, INDIA: News Republic, a much lauded and awarded global mobile media group and the Winner of “The Best Mobile Media And Publishing App” at Mobile World Congress 2015, is entering the Indian market. This innovative, “born mobile” company has operations in the Americas and Europe and it recently launched in both Russia and China.NR


It will launch two free news apps: News Republic (focus: global news) and Appy Geek (focus: technology news). Both apps deliver fully licensed articles, photos and videos from over 1100 leading news organizations around the world (e.g. Reuters, BBC, AFP, Bloomberg, India Today, Guardian, HuffingtonPost, Mashable, etc.) The content can be fully personalized for a news flow uniquely customized for each reader in a beautiful and seamless mobile interface.

“We are passionate about the news because it is connective tissue for humanity,” says Shafi Saxena, chief brand officer, News Republic. “Those who read better know better and do better. It is our mission to spark global conversations about issues that matter. And, no global conversation is complete without India.”

India engages vibrantly with both news and mobile. It is the biggest newspaper market in the world (>70K newspapers). India’s unique visitors to online news and information sites grew 45 percent, from 31 million in 2011 to 45 million in 2014 (comScore data) and mobile Internet users will number over 200 million by June. Mobile, with 24/7 access to content, will transform the media landscape.


“We live in an age where connectivity risks connection. We’d like to change that,” says Saxena. “Too much information can overwhelm and result in what’s important going unseen,” she warns. “The News Republic team believes that Intelligently informed citizens become powerfully empowered citizens – this is what galvanizes us,” she adds.

This is why News Republic hones its best in class semantic algorithms to deliver insightful, hyper-personalized news in a fast, contextual flow to its readers. “You get the news that you care about without the noise that you don’t,” explains Saxena.

In India, company operations will be spearheaded by Radhika Shukla, India country director. Shukla will widen and deepen the company’s content and OEM partnerships to enrich user experience for Indian readers and to help bring Indian media perspectives to News Republic’s global audience. News Republic publishes 13 editions in six languages.

In India, News Republic has partnered with Hindustan Times, India Today, Aaj Tak, Business Today,, The Mobile Indian,,, Bollywood Hungama and many more. Its apps also incorporate RSS feeds to cover specialized reader interests.

The global footprint and high user ratings have enabled News Republic and Appy Geek to be regularly ranked in the "Top 10" news apps on Google Play (Google Editor’s Choice winner) and the App Store.

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