New software product converts any PC into Smart TV

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NEW YORK, USA: Recent research has found that 26 per cent of people watch TV on demand. Surprisingly, most of these people are watching by connecting their televisions to laptops (24 per cent) and desktop computers (12 per cent).


Smarty PCTV is launching on December 19th and should have a surprisingly large demand as it is built to run on such devices.

With a true TV like interface, this product enables an ordinary computer to be used as a smart TV. In fact, since it uses the vast number crunching power of a PC, it should be more powerful and versatile than any smart TV currently available.

It can be controlled using a smartphone or any handheld wireless keyboard and is simple to use.


Smarty PCTV comes with a vast range of streaming services and the user can point and click to add favorite TV channels and on-demand services. Each service gets its own big easy to read button with logo.

All the big name premium services like Netflix and Hulu Plus are there, but in order to watch such services the user will need a current subscription. There are also hundreds of free and on-demand services of high quality that requires no subscription.

Smarty PCTV is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur Mike Pettigrew.


Pettigrew said: "Having discovered the benefits of on-demand TV myself, I just couldn't understand why there were no easy to use software products available to create a true smart TV experience on your own computer.

"Why spend a fortune on a brand new smart TV when you can use a PC for an even better experience?

"I had tried several streaming devices as well as smart TVs and none of them gave us the flexibility and ease of use that I was looking for. For quite a while our family just used an 8-year-old PC as our main TV device and it was great.


"The only drawback was that it wasn't much fun using a web browser and bookmarks to access our favourite streaming TV and movie services.

"It was while driving back home after looking at several smart TVs that I suddenly had the idea to create Smarty PCTV.

"I mean, none of the smart TVs that we had just seen were a patch on the PC TV system we were currently using in our home. All that we were missing was a nice and easy to use interface that even our kids could use.


"This is why I created Smarty PCTV."

Pettigrew claims that with this program users will have a system that's more versatile than any smart TV and far better than streaming players.

It includes an App store that contains hundreds of the world's best streaming and on-demand TV services, movie collections, radio and podcasts.

The program costs nothing to download, install or use and has a simple yet beautiful interface. A single click launches the user's favorite streaming services and programs.