New SEO-friendly search engine captures niche market

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BRADENTON,FL: A new storm is brewing in Search 2009, and Search Engine SEOENG is rapidly gaining traction in a highly saturated industry with its unique SEO-friendly Search Engine. This technology startup has developed a Search Engine with a transparent and navigable interface where users can, for the first time, see precisely how a Search Engine analyzes and ranks a Website.

SEOENG is taking Search in a new direction, by opening its arms to the very industry that Search Giants have fought so hard to keep at arm’s length. A new market for Search, directed at Website Owners, Web Designers, and SEO Experts is proving to be a prosperous and exciting venture for this tech company.

Competition is alive and well in the Search Industry, as top Search Engine Google recently announced its new Google Labs project, which according to the Official Google Blog, is called ‘Google Squared’, and is Google’s attempt at delivering a more structured result to a user’s question. Search Giant Yahoo!is also talking about its new vision of Search, which is called ‘WOO’ (Web of Objects). WOO is Yahoo’s take on the next generation of Search, which some believe involves a graph of ‘things’, not just Webpages. And finally, Microsoft is rumored to be releasing ‘Bing’ (formerly Kumo), which according to the Website is a new version of a Search Engine called a ‘Decision Engine’.

After more than a decade of rule by Search Giants, SEOENG and other small startups have staked new land in the World of Search. According to Search Engine SEOENG, "We are entering a historic time that is very different from the past ten years, because no longer is the competition about delivering the best ’10 blue links’. It’s all about the ‘Next Generation of Search’ and the many niche markets that Search is now exposing due to the rapid decrease in costs of infrastructure."

The largest of these niche markets appears to be Semantic Search. Semantics is the study of meaning, and in Search this means not only delivering relevant results, but attempting to infer the ‘reason’ behind the user’s question. Because computer hardware is much less expensive these days, Semantic Search and other new niche markets do not require large investments in infrastructure upfront, and some smaller Search Engine startups, including SEOENG, are entering the race and reinstating that spark of creativity and competition that some might say has been lacking for some time.

In addition to SEOENG, Wolfram Alpha, is a new Search Engine startup whose Website promises ‘…an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.’

SEOENG Co-Founder and President, Marketing & Operations, Maura Stouffer, recently stated that "One only has to look at our tiny startup SEOENG, an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization Engine’, to see the potential available in new Search technologies. We have created what none of the Search Giants have even considered – an honest attempt at being ‘friendly’ to Webmasters and SEOs. Sure, there were Google’s Webmaster Tools and Yahoo’s Site Explorer, but did Google and Yahoo! really let users in to their Search Engines to see how things were working? How things could be improved?" SEOENG is the creation of talented individuals from Carnegie Mellon and Cornell University, and promises to be the first SEO Friendly Search Engine for Webmasters, SEOs, and basically anyone who owns a Website.

A Search Engine that shows the World how it ranks a Website by disclosing where the internal penalties and deficiencies lie, and how they can be fixed to improve placement on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As more and more innovation begins to take place, new ideas will bring new direction to Search, and that can only mean one thing: In Search, good times are ahead for both businesses and end-users!

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