New business models to ensure robust PV development

New Update

PARIS, FRANCE: In a challenging global economic context, the International Energy Agency - Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) and the European Photovoltaic industry Association (EPIA) joined forces to organise a Workshop on "Ensuring robust PV market development with limited financial support: the role of new business models".


The workshop was the occasion for high-level experts from the biggest markets worldwide to discuss new business models and their importance for the continued development of PV at a reduced cost. In this context, the vast potential of self-consumption-based business models was particularly noted.

"If properly implemented, self-consumption of PV electricity can reduce and ultimately suppress the reliance on dedicated financial support. It can also ease electricity system integration and keep grid costs under control", stated Marie Latour, senior National Policy Advisor at EPIA. "Europe definitely has a ‘card to play'. With the biggest end-consumer market for PV applications and self-consumption schemes already in place in some countries, Europe has a competitive advantage it should not waste."

As an official Parallel Event of the 28th EU PVSEC which is currently taking place in Paris, the IEA PVPS Task 1 & EPIA workshop was the occasion to discuss the need for a better integration of PV in the electricity system, and the potential role utilities and grid operators could play in the rise of new PV business models.

Speakers at the workshop included Gaëtan Masson, IEA PVPS/EPIA; Izumi Kaizuka, RTS Corp.; Lu Fang, China PV Society; Dr. Bonna Newman , FOM Institute AMOLF; Valerick Cassagne, Total; Bryan Ekus, International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance; Thomas Walter, WirSol; Dr. Holger Klärner, E.ON; Thierry Lepercq, SolaireDirect; Nicolas Gourvitch, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers and Achim Woyte, 3E.

"Even in today's difficult economic times, new PV business models have the potential to generate a sustainable and cost-effective development of PV, which would be very beneficial for the society," concluded Stefan Nowak, chairman of the IEA PVPS. "The complete electricity sector could win from the development of solutions such as self-consumption. Policymakers and electricity stakeholders such as utilities and grid operators should better take these new PV business models into account."