NetXcell launches 'Smart Messaging Gateway'

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BANGALORE: NetXcell, the complete wireless solution provider in the mobile arena has announced the launch of the 'NetXcell Smart Messaging Gateway' for the mobile operators across the country. The NetXcell Smart Messaging platform enables a mobile operator to provide the cellphone subscriber with an enriching experience by making available increased number of ring tones and operator logos.


The NetXcell Smart Messaging Gateway platform integrated at the operator end will enable a subscriber to download, send and receive the logos and ring tones through SMS. A state-of-the-art technology, the NetXcell Smart Messaging Gateway enables instantaneous delivery of ring tones and logos, on the hand held devices.

To begin with the NetXcell Smart Messaging Gateway will allow subscribers using Nokia manufactured cell phones to access 70 logos and 30 ring tones. Subscribers can download and save a logo and a ring tone, forward a ring tone to a compatible phone on any network, gift a tone to a friend, gift a logo to another compatible phone on the same network, remove a logo and restore original and gift a logo to another compatible phone of any other network in India.

Commenting on the launch, Ramakrishna Kolipaka, CEO, NetXcell, said, "Apart from being a communication tool, the cell phone has become an important fashion accessory and a medium of expression for the users. The innovative new product from NetXcell will ensure that operators are equipped to broaden the experiences of their subscribers. The subscriber has now a choice of downloading his favorite music and logo and is not at the mercy of what has been offered to him by the manufacturer."