Networks andTech Predictions for 2014

Sharath Kumar
New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: R&M is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication net-works. With its copper and fiber optic systems the company contributes significantly towards ensuring operational reliability in voice, data and image transmission - worldwide. As a systems provider R&M has set itself the target of developing optimum functionality and, above all, satisfying the highest quality criteria. R&M also provides maximum installation and maintenance convenience. R&M solutions stand out by virtue of their maximum availability combined with cost-effective network operation. R&M's high level of product quality and forward-looking system design ensure that the networks are sustainable and the invest-ments safeguarded. R&M cabling solutions are used in office buildings and homes, by net-work operators and in industry.


Shailendra Trivedi, director (Operations and Channel Development)R&M India, shares the companies tech preditions for 2014:

  • At the moment the current trends in the industry are applications such as cloud computing, cloud services and social media causing data volumes to skyrocket. As technology evolves operators need more complex data centers with the ability to tackle these situations effectively. The flipside is that these constant changes have to be implemented efficiently despite mounting cost pressures. At the same time, planning and implementation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, demanding an extremely flexible environment. Data center operators need to have profitable solutions that ensure maximum availability, suitability for consolidation and expansion, and maximum energy efficiency.

This scenario can be eased by implementing quality structured cabling solutions that is neutral in terms of application and in compliance with the relevant industry standards. R&M is a market and technology leader in high ¬quality, modular cabling systems ranging from copper to fiber optics. Our components and solutions have been proving their mettle for years in daily service in data centers around the globe. R&M competently assists data centers with everything from design and installation to expansion and operation, in addition to this R&M also provides strong on-site support.

The numbers of Cat.6A deployments are at an all-time high, with the need for high performance cabling and advanced applications growing. With growing deployments in manufacturing and healthcare, there is a lot demand for industrial grade products that offer IP-54 and IP-67 grade of protection to protect against water splashes, dust and foreign particles. We see an increased deployment of fiber-optic systems including components and Pre-terminated Fiber (MPO/MTP) solutions in data centers. There has also been a demand for OM4 cabling. We believe this will be in line with the growing performance needs of data centers and networks.