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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Following key announcements of its Borderless Networks architecture in the areas of security, network access, and network services, Cisco announced new products and network and support services that accelerate the transition to the mobile workplace.


Cisco's Borderless Mobility solutions, including the new Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Points with CleanAir technology , that it claims will allow companies to deliver a seamless mobility experience by providing anywhere, anytime access to information.

As more employees go mobile, the wireless network must perform on a par with the most critical networks. In a recent Cisco survey of more than 600 U.S. companies, 78 per cent considered all or part of their wireless network to be mission-critical to their business operations. Yet, the same group identified wireless interference as one of the top causes of wireless performance issues. With its new CleanAir technology, Cisco is the first to solve the challenge of wireless interference by combining a patented CleanAir Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) in the access point with system-level intelligence to detect, classify, locate and mitigate the impact of wireless interference.

An industry first, CleanAir technology is touted to be the only solution that can completely address the interference challenge of delivering business-critical applications over wireless networks.

In addition, the company claims that CleanAir accurately detects, classifies and locates more than 20 unique interference sources including cordless phones, wireless video cameras, microwave ovens and Bluetooth devices while simultaneously serving client traffic. It also includes the ability to self-heal and self-optimize the wireless network by enhancing radio resource management to improve wireless reliability without IT intervention. It has interference correlation across multiple access points to prevent duplicate events from the same interference source.

"CleanAir technology can reduce wireless troubleshooting time from hours to minutes and, in many cases, can automatically resolve problems. CleanAir's integrated design can mitigate the impact of interference within 30 seconds by assessing the problem and adjusting the wireless signal to operate in an unaffected spectrum."