Network Utility Force approved as IPv6 Forum training partner

New Update

ATLANTA, USA: Network Utility Force, an international network engineering and professional services company, has been approved as an IPv6 Forum certified training provider.


"We've been designing and building production IPv6 networks since 2008, and lab testing v6 deployments for over a decade. Partnering with the IPv6 Forum to become a certified v6 training provider was the next step," stated Brandon Ross, co-founder, CEO and chief network architect of Network Utility Force.

"Our training classes will not only teach the essentials of v6 by certified IPv6 Forum Gold level engineers, but also provide real-world, implementation examples and best practices, resulting from years of experience, including one of the first municipal WiFi networks with native IPv6 support in North America."

Latif Ladid, president of the IPv6 Forum, commented: "We are honored to welcome Network Utility Force as one of our newest IPv6 training partners. Their network engineering expertise, coupled with their IPv6 deployment experience brings significant value to the v6 community."

IPv6 training from Network Utility Force will initially focus on IPv6 Forum silver and gold level network engineer certifications. However, Network Utility Force will also provide custom tailored v6 training as well.