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Pradeep Chakraborty


It was pleasure meeting up with Tom Iannotti is Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, HP. He is responsible for driving overall revenue and profitability in the region and also leads the APJ Technology Solutions Group (TSG) which encompasses enterprise storage and systems, software, and services.

Most of us realize that CIOs of today are required to do much more, and like they have never been. The power of value propositions comes from information assets. When we talk about integrating assets, there is a need for IT to be more accountable. All of these aspects are being asked of the various IT managers.

CEOs are now expecting things of CIOs that they were never expected to. The CEOs of today are quite tech savvy. The level of knowledge and competency has also gone up. As an IT leader, you have the chance to transform business like never before.


However, it is interesting, when people like Iannotti comment that IT has not invested enough in itself. There is a need to nurture our IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure is a fundamental need for businesses, which may not be very glamorous. You can't run an enterprise wthout a reliable, robust infrastructure, he contends.

The author is Executive Editor, CyberMedia India Online Limited.

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