Necessities for building teams in corporate firms

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As time passed in the evolution of invincible innovations in organizations, the importance for building the teams which played a major role in the production process became a necessity causing organizations to split up into a number of modules known as “Teams” in the present day taking up different modes of operations and each one being a open perspective of the other.

Why Teams over Individuals?
The idea of having teams in the organization in one way helps for the potential growth of the firm and above all, the members of the team get a competitive awareness and develop an attitude where they can easily tackle hitches on the way, with a zeal of effort and compromise making every one proud of their achievement.
This has reframed organizations enabling them to compete with the world with more cups full of goals. The teams also possess some motivational properties. It facilitates employee participation in operational decisions thus becoming an effective means for management to democratize their firms and increase employee motivation.

Creating Effective Teams
It seems pretty easy to develop teams but for its proper furnishing, it is not quite easy as it’s well known that teams are built up with different categories of attitudes and styles of behaviour. Teams should be led by a leadership quality but the fundamentals of this should be something like “happy workers put out higher volumes of better quality of work”.

Effective teams also tend to be small with fewer than ten with each individual having their own technical expertise of problem solving, decision making and with inter personal skills with personality characteristics of agreeableness and emotional stability.

Teams and Quality Management
The issue of improving the quality has garnered increased attention from management in the recent years. The essence of quality management is process improvement and employee involvement is the lynchpin of process improvement. Quality management requires management to give employees the encouragement to share their views and act on what they suggest.

All quality improvement techniques and processes require high levels of communications, contact response, adaptations and coordination. Teams thus provide the natural vehicle for employees to share ideas and to implement quality improvements.

In the excitement of enjoying the benefits of teams, there might arise some situations where individual work is more delightful than teamwork. Therefore, it needs to be decided as to whether the work needs to be done by an individual or through a team’s effort in order to attain success.
The actual fulfillment for the team will be known when there is interdependence between the task and success and this as a whole is rewarded as the success of individuals.

The contributor Lavannya Tankala, is an employee of Netmagic Solutions

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