NEC to implement digital TV transmitters for Thai PBS

Soma Tah
New Update

TOKYO, JAPAN: NEC Corporation announced today that it will be implementing digital TV transmitters nationwide for the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) through NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. , for all of its 44 locations across the Kingdom of Thailand.


The commencement of commercial operations of digital TV transmitters at Bangkok Station on 1 April 2014 makes Thai PBS the first digital TV operator in Thailand. The targeted completion for the installation of all digital TV transmitters for all 44 locations is by August 2015.

The network operator's transition to broadcast digital terrestrial TV will support 6 digital TV channels to broadcast their content. With the transmission of digital TV, TV broadcasters are now equipped to provide better quality services to their viewers.

Digital TV networks enable the delivery of high quality digital video and audio content that can also be displayed on a variety of platforms such as online, mobile and on-air, and can potentially bring more choices to audiences.


Thai PBS is utilizing NEC's cutting edge DTU-70D, DTL-30 and DTL-10 digital TV broadcasting transmitters, which support the world's major digital broadcasting standards, including DVB-T2. These eco-friendly models occupy a smaller footprint and consume less power when compared to previous systems.

Thai PBS deputy director general, Mongkon Leelatum said, "This is a great success, where we are meeting all the schedules set by National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) regulating authority."

"We are glad to support Thai PBS in providing an enhanced viewing experience for their audience. NEC has provided innovative broadcasting solutions to over 100 countries, helping many customers successfully transition to sophisticated digital broadcasting from analogue systems. Leveraging NEC's global expertise and capabilities, we will work with Thai PBS to continue improving their broadcast services," said Hiroshi Sato, president, NEC Corporation (Thailand).