Namami Gange!: Everything you need to know about the Ganga Quest 2020

The registration process for the national-level quiz competition Ganga Quest has begun from 22 April 2020 until 22 May 2020.

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Ganga Quest 2020

The registration process for the national-level quiz competition Ganga Quest has begun from 22 April 2020. It will continue for a month until 22 May 2020. For the 2020 edition of the Ganga Quest competition, the start of the registration process coincided with the World Earth Day. On the other hand, the conclusion of the same will fall on the World Biodiversity Day.


What is the Ganga Quest?

The Ganga Quest is a competitive knowledge-building platform.  It provided awareness and knowledge related to the Ganga and other Rivers. It is available in two languages- Hindi and English.

The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and the TREE Craze Foundation (NGO), are the joint organizers of the Quest. They have implemented the "Namami Gange" programme for Ganga, Rivers, and Environment.


TREE Craze in their blog mention:

Ganga river is the national river of India. It is so because of its deep and rich cultural, historical, and religious heritage. Despite that, people have turned their back to the river Ganga and people-river connect has worsened. The condition of the river is deteriorating. Ganga Quest aims to improve the connect of children and youth to our national river through enhancing awareness and knowledge.

The Quest aims to engage and create awareness. It is in the form of three round- Awareness, Knowledge Building and Knowledge Assessment. It aims to enhance children and youth ownership for Ganga and other rivers.


Who can participate?

Anyone who is above the age of 10 can participate. Schools can participate as a single unit. All you need is an ID Card (in case you win!). CBSE on its website even issued an official participation notification. You can log in on

The prize money will be distributed on June 5.


All Questions are based on the NCERT curriculum. Participants will also receive a Certificate of Participation.

What are the Rounds?

There are three rounds in the Quest:


Round 1

This round is the Awareness round. It will help the site to know how much aware you are about the Ganga River. It is a qualifying round. There will be no right or wrong answer in this round. The Quest only wants to know what you think about river Ganga. In this round, you have to give your honest opinions. It should not be influenced by the opinions of friend, parents, teacher, etc. After you have attempted all 10 answers, there will be a Round 2.

Round 2


It is also a qualifying round. After you have attempted all 10 answers, there will be a Round 2. You can attempt this round as many times as you want. It only helps give you knowledge. The time taken to complete this round does not affect the announcement of the winner. Once you submit an unanswered question or an answer, an information box will appear and tell you some interesting facts related to the question. This round will enhance your knowledge and expand your thoughts. Till you don't answer all questions correctly, you will not be able to proceed to Round 3.

Round 3

Round 3 is winner-deciding. There are 8 topics from which you have to choose any 2. There will be 10 questions from the topic you choose. These are the eight rounds:


1. Historical and Cultural Significance of Ganga

2. Flora and Fauna

3. Current Affairs

4. Physical geography

5. Famous places and personalities

6. Governance

7. Socio-economic and Livelihood

8. Pollution/water treatment technology

All of these will have Ganga River related questions. In here, the more time you take, the less chance you have of winning. You can only attempt this round once. You can study for the quiz from the knowledge material provided by Namami Gange.

ESRI India, Sustainable Water Solutions, Wildlife Institute of India, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, IUCN India, WWF India and German Cooperation are some of the leading partners of the programme. The Ganga Quest has also partnered with the leading IITs and IIMs, and SMCGs.

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