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Priya Padmanabhan


BANGALORE: It could well be the 2.0 version of the Global Delivery Model (GDM)

in IT services.

In an exclusive interview, NR Narayana Murthy, chairman and chief mentor

Infosys Technologies to CyberMedia News, disclosed a new business delivery model

in IT services, which he terms, the “Collaborative distributed delivery model.”

While the GDM makes use of talent and infrastructure-including on-shore,

near-shore and off-shore locations in various parts of the world, the

collaborative model would involve distribution of various aspects of a project

based on the competencies of each center, thereby improving and speeding the

delivery process.


“In this, we would make use of talents and skills from different parts of

the world, where virtual teams would use technology to deliver various

components of the project,” said Murthy. For example, software architecture

would be done out of the UK while functional design would be carried out in

India and hardware engineering would be developed somewhere else.

He also said that IT services companies would learn to leverage the “power

of time differences” in a better way and solve problems in a relay fashion.

“In around 10-15 years time, across a 24-hour work day you could have

various centers working in an assembly line mode to execute projects.”


Murthy revealed that the software engineering and technology teams at Infosys

are trying out these delivery models. He said that Infosys had first articulated

the idea of the Global delivery model, which has now gone mainstream.

“I'm sure we will be the pioneers in this new delivery model as well,”

Murthy, who will retire as the chairman of the firm in August, said.

Besides India, Infosys, which will turn 25 this year, has global facilities

in Canada; six centers spread across the US, China, UK, Japan, Australia and


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