Mundu for BenQ users

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: Geodesic Information Systems Limited today announced a partnership with BenQ to distribute Mundu for multiple BenQ smartphone models scheduled for release in 2007.


According to the partnership, users of BenQ phones would be able to use Mundu for chatting with their friends across major public Instant Messaging networks, across languages and platforms. Mundu would also enable BenQ users to listen to thousands of radio stations directly from their phones, a Geodesic statement said.

“We are constantly looking for ways to bring the digital lifestyles of our customers, right to their mobile phones”, said Dr Irwin Chen, senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Communication Business Group (MCG) of BenQ. “Mundu’s product suite lets us provide a unique experience to our customers for applications they regularly use while on-the-go.”

The two companies will jointly promote the bundled products and have yet to announce the schedule for release. The application would be bundled on select models and would be available online for other models.

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