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The Punjab National Bank (PNB) is one of the leading banks in India that offers banking aids to various industry in India. Apart from offering banking products, the bank has also forayed into the business of credit card/debit card, bullion, life and non-life insurance, gold coins and asset management, etc. The PNB also has a variety of offerings for the fastest developing MSME community in India.


MSME banking by PNB

Micro and small enterprises scheme

The PNB has realised the importance of the Micro and small sector which contributes about 40 per cent of the gross turnover in the manufacturing sector, generates around 308 lakh employments, produces 7500 products and contributes more than 35 per cent of the country's exports. So, the PNB has formulated a number of schemes to provide an impetus to growth of this sector.


The bank offers the following schemes.

1. Sarthak Udyami : Scheme for financing Micro and Small Enterprises

2. PNB Pragati Udyami: Scheme for financing industry related services/business enterprises


3. PNB Kushal Udyami

4. PNB Garrage Yogana

5. Loans for setting up industrial estates


6. PNB Vikas Udyami: Scheme for loans acquisition of ISO - 9000 Series Certification

7. SME Sahayog Scheme

8. PNB Artisan Credit Card: Scheme to provide hassle-free financial support to artisans


9. PNB Laghu Udyami Credit Card: A simplified loan delivery mechanism

10. Scheme for Advances to Small Road Transport Operators

11. Scheme for Advances to Owner-Drivers of Taxi Cars, Three Wheeler, Station Wagons, Tempos.


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Finance for Traders:

The trading sector constitutes an important part of Indian economy and is a vital component of the supply/distribution system. The PNB extends credit to the retail and wholesale traders on attractive terms to meet the requirements of traders for financing of stocks/book debts and purchase/construction/furnishing of shop/show room and other assets required for running the trading business.


Scheme for finance sector - PNB Super Trade (MSE):

This scheme has been envisaged to meet the working capital requirements of the service sector, including trading, business enterprises, professionals and self-employed.

Scheme for financing professionally qualified medical practitioners:

The PNB Gramin chikitsak scheme is for financing the qualified medical practitioners in rural areas.

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