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PUNE:, a company with a focus on Linux development, is in a restructuring mode. The company will now be known as Codito. Codito Technologies Pvt. Ltd is part of the Pune-based BMSS group, a group of well diversified companies with business interests in sugar, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, natural products banking and software. Codito ergo sum, means "I code therefore I am."

The company was earlier known as `’ and was incorporated in 1999. The company was involved in developing Linux based desktop applications. Codito Technologies provides products, solutions and services for the embedded, networking, DSP, telecom, communication and allied fields. At Codito, the focus is on operating systems. The specialized team doing work related to kernel development and operating system internals was spun off as Codito Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The company is in the process of developing strategic alliances from solution providers in all the areas.

The company has tied up with RedHat India as a technology partner and is doing consulting and technical solutions projects for RedHat and its clients. Other alliances include a chip manufacturer for networking devices, a chip designing company working on a SIMD programmable and I/0 programmable chip, a Fortune 100 electronic device manufacturer. There are plans to start a tools group in the near future to enable the company to make available a platform (in terms of the operating system, tools and network stack) on new chips for OEMs to start application development.

The company is in the process of building IPRs while providing technology solutions and product development. Though, IPRs and patents will be predominantly in the areas of OS redesign and optimization (algorithms and data structures).