Monjin bridges the gap between corporates and job seekers with the launch of world’s first interviewing contest- L.E.A.P

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Monjin today announced the launch of League of Extraordinary Assessed Professionals (L.E.A.P), a first ever video enabled interviewing and assessment competition where each participating individual’s skills will be assessed by top industry veterans. The platform will help address the skill and job gap across various industries in India. As per a recent report by Centre for Sustainable Employment India has underemployment of 16 percent among the youth and those with higher education. Monjin give companies access to experts vetted candidates, resulting in better opportunities for the candidates and reduced overall cost, time and effort of hiring for the companies. The contest will help in building Monjin’s already strong database of assessed professionals. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the contest will run digitally across India and interviewers and candidates will be matched in real time by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools.


Each conversation will be recorded, stored and processed through Microsoft Azure. At the end of contest run time, a panel of subject matter experts will shortlist the top three candidates from each skill family- Java, .NET and selenium testing, as winners. The contest is being held across top IT and metropolitan cities of India till November 30. Winners- candidates and interviewers- will be chosen by Monjin jury.

“The interviewers and candidates will be intelligently matched and scheduled on Monjin’s platform via AI, Deep learning and Human intelligence based on their skills, experience, sector, geography and privacy preferences. Once they are matched, interview will happen in an automated fashion. It will be then analyzed by industry experts who are a part of Monjin’s assessed network. Deep technical, functional, behavioural groups are self-growing on Monjin who contribute to neutral assessment,” explains Abhijit Kashyape, CEO of Monjin.

Monjin is redefining hiring process globally with its AI platform. The platform eliminates the entire time and cost of screening, scheduling and first level interviewing of the candidate. So far it has seen TAT (turnaround time) reduced by 30-40% and hiring costs by almost 50%.

L.E.A.P is a first of its kind contest in the world which will enable candidates to test their own skills and get an Monjin rating. Candidates can also get improvement tips for interviewing and technical skills.

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