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NEW YORK,USA: According to the latest report from Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider, as mobile phones are becoming  basic tools of commerce, the threat of significant theft through hacking and other illegal activities is rising. This has made enterprises and network operators to scramble to find ways to protect their customers' data through mobile authentication solutions.


According to the report, the Coming Boom in Authentication examines the issues and challenges now surrounding mobile security, focusing on security authentication as a means to safeguard mobile applications. The report identifies the key industry verticals most affected by mobile security issues, and provides in-depth analysis of the technology solutions available from eight leading suppliers of mobile authentication products, including information on deployment costs.

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"There is no question that mobile security will eventually equal — if not surpass — PC security as a threat to IT departments," notes Denise Culver, research analyst with Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider and author of the report. "But the reality is that enterprises and organizations should already be making moves to integrate mobile authentication as a regular business practice, as firewalls and virus scanners are utilized in the PC world today."


There are several key issues that need to be addressed today for mobile platforms to be secure, says Culver. "First is the need for implementation of standards across the industry, which is a significant challenge given the number of ways authentication can be accomplished," she explains. "There also must be standardization of deployment across the myriad of devices that already exist and that will continue to be introduced into the market."

Key findings of Mobile Security: The Coming Boom in Authentication include:

  • Enterprises are turning to mobile authentication to extend existing services or offer new services to large-user-volume markets, while protecting against fraud.
  • The strongest vertical for mobile authentication is the financial industry, especially mobile banking.
  • Online betting and auction sites will turn to mobile authentication as the cost of fraud becomes prohibitive.
  • Enterprises must be better educated about the benefits of applying mobile authentication throughout their entire ecosystem.
  • Mobile authentication has both hard and soft cost benefits, such as eliminating inventory management and reducing help desk costs.

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